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By acquiring Alnor (during 1995) and the instrument division of Airflow (during 2005), TSI combined over 90 years of expertise, long tradition and innovation in air measurement solutions, becoming an industry leader in the design and production of ventilation test instruments.
As a TSI channel partner for Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Montenegro in divisions Ventilation Test Instruments, Flowmeters and Dust Monitors, we are ready to share our experience, advising every customer which instrument is best pick, according to described application.

Ventilation Test Instruments

TSI's full line of ventilation test instruments are designed to accurately and reliably measure a wide variety of parameters critical to investigating indoor environments.
Perform worry free HVAC testing with ease-of-use high performance TSI instruments such as air velocity meters, micromanometers, capture hoods and indoor air quality meters.


For half a century, TSI has earned the reputation as a leader in designing and manufacturing flow measurement instrumentation. TSI mass flowmeters and mass flow sensors for gases are used worldwide in laboratory and manufacturing settings, as well in embedded applications. TSI flowmeters and embedded flow sensors are optimized for medical applications where accuracy and reliability are a key requirement.

Dust Monitors

TSI DustTrak™ II and DRX monitors are light years ahead of any other. The DustTrak DRX monitor, for instance, simultaneously measures both mass and size fraction – something no other dust monitor can do. Measure PM1, PM2.5, respirable, PM10 and TPM simultaneously with no need for size-selective inlet conditioners. When it comes to work comfort and productivity, as well as risk management, those dust monitors are unsurpassed.

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Cleanroom Validation

LAB PROVA was founded with the aim to fulfill the need of the local market for laboratory that would be able to provide professional cleanroom validation service. Specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry, through the years, naturally shaped our professional approach, dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Knowledge about applications, experience, research and development helped us to establish strong co-operation with world leading manufacturers of measuring equipment, for a wide range of industrial applications.